Agenda Proposal for Big Meeting

Agenda Proposal for Big Meeting


Big House Meeting –   after about two weeks time to book a meeting- room somewhere and make definitive decisions on Core Principles and Camp Necessities.
Comfortable surroundings, and enough advance warning should help focus minds a little more than is possible in Assemblies, where conditions before meetings can have too great an influence on the tone and atmosphere.  
Issues dealt with should be central concerns that underlie all others and should inform anything and everything we do.  At present I think these should include:   

[i]  Decision Procedures-should consensus always be necessary always? Are there  instances where qualified majority vote can be used? Is there a ‘ hierarchy of importance’ we can apply ?

[ii]  Minutes Procedures- I think this is important in a group where not everyone can make it regularly. Minutes need to be made available as soon as possible. Time after minutes issued to “revisit” issues, raise objections.  

[iii]  Complaints Protocols-Conflict Resolution-Necessary Actions. This to include Personal Behaviour, Theft, Abusiveness, Violence etc.  

[iv]  Primacy of Safety. If at this stage it is still proving difficult to ensure a full Safety complement every night, do we need to make Safety shifts mandatory, or at least expect people to explain why they can’t do them. Personally I have no objection to the idea of 1 mandatory Safety shift each per week. For everyone to be on the Safety Group.  

[v] Co-Ordinator Shifts- these should become more important/necessary as we get busier. Maybe 3 or 4 a day would make people more likely to volunteer. Maybe 7-12, 12-5, 5-10.  Also the more people do this the greater their knowledge becomes of the entire operation. It may give us more sympathy/understanding of roles we aren’t involved with.

( we need at least one 8×4 notice/plan board, but probably more.  We need to be able to see in one place what’s going on, and planned for the future. ……………………………………  

This can be approached in several ways       

1.we use assemblies between now and then to whittle down to what people think are essentials,
2. we ask people to compile a list of 5/10 most pressing concerns.
3. the agenda group prepares an opinion poll to gauge general attitudes and through revisions arrives at  Agenda for Big House Meeting.

At the moment I think a combination of all three would be good. As agenda contact I am willing to get the ball rolling. To find people interested in getting this done. To have a plan sketched and ready to give to people within a week for amendments, additions , objections etc. To put together quick yes/no “secret” straw poll to gauge most important topics and attitudes. I think most of this should be done “on paper” as well as any online content, so that the  entire process can be more transparent and physically available in One place. The process will be brought up regularly at assembly anyway, so people will be kept informed as to how it’s going.

I am available at 087-148-9176,  at I’ll see what people think about forum space/social media, write-with-me system. We should probably  have one agenda Working group meeting each week too. Please use any and all means to play your part in this. Bring it up at Assembly. Mail me. Or hand me your ideas on a torn envelope. It doesn’t matter how we do it as much as that we do it. This thing belongs to us all. It’s too important to be messing around with. Let’s fucking do it . How is storing of past minutes going? Do we all need to chip in a little ?